Friday, March 1, 2013

Cork Wrap Bracelets - An Eco Friendly Trend

Recently I started working with cork as a base for my unique handmade bracelet designs and I am so excited to share them with you! many of the new styles are loaded to the Charmed Design website now, and there will be more coming soon!
Cork is an amazing material! Not only does it have a color and texture that catches the eye and feels great on the skin, it's also a blessing to the environment. The cork tress is special because, unlike other types of tress, it doesn't get injured when its bark is removed. Expert cork harvesters are able to gently remove the top layer or cork from the trees in a way that doesn't hurt the tree at all. Once the cork has been harvested, the tree gets to work growing new cork quickly.
Cork is as tough and resilient as leather, and it really lasts. It can be cleaned, and it doesn't require any special care to help it last through the years.
I hand-stitch each of the cork wrap bracelets I created before I add beautiful sterling silver accents. You'll find charms, beads, and caps on these bracelets that make an elegant and inspiring statement you can wear anytime!
These bracelets are made to be 14" long which allows you to wrap them twice around your wrist for a textured look. If your wrist happens to be a different size, just let me know at checkout and I'll make sure you get one that fits.
Come see all of the brand new cork wrap bracelets available on the Charmed Design site right now...

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