Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - Hamsa Hand Of Protection

One of the most popular charms I use in my wrap bracelet designs is the 'Hamsa Hand'. This simple yet powerful symbol has roots all across the Middle East, and its symbolism is rich with meaning, power, and memory.
One of the most ancient forms of the Hamsa Hand, called 'Khamsa' for 'five' in Arabic, is its presence in North Africa and Tunisia. In this area, the palm of the right hand symbolizes protection from on High, and it is worn and drawn to invoke protection wherever it is needed most. From jewelry and wall hangings to tattoos and drawings, the Khamsa Hand charm is embraced by peoples across the North African area as a reassurance that things will always remain under the hand of the Divine.

Throughout the Islamic and Hebrew world, this same symbol is known as either the Hand Of Miriam (sister of Moses) or the Hand Of Fatima (daughter of Muhammed). In that area, it is worn as a symbol of protection, guidance, and providence. Once of the most beautiful aspects to the Hamsa Hand symbol is that in a part of the world where cultures and ideas are clashing in sometimes hurtful ways, a single symbol quietly unites and exists between them.

Throughout all of the Middle East and parts of Africa, the Hamsa Hand is known for protecting against the 'evil eye'. The evil eye happens when another person sees your happiness, success, health, or wealth and sends negativity towards you in the form of jealousy or anger. The evil eye may seem like an archaic superstition - but is it really? Many people believe that when other people hold negative space and you allow it to effect you, it really can cause problems. I think that having a symbol around you that reminds you to rise above the judgment, negativity, and anger that may come from other people really works! The Hamsa Hand
Isn't it amazing how one simple symbol can unite an entire part of the world and speak so deeply about life? Just looking at the Hamsa charm reminds me that I am always protected and guided if I just remember to place myself in to the open hand that is always there for me. I also love the aspect of the Hamsa Hand that reminds me to rise above the 'evil eye' no matter what form it may take in life! I use the Hamsa Hand charm in many of my wrap bracelet designs because it is a great reminder and a beautiful piece of history and symbolism.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Handmade Jewelry Trend

If you're a lover of handmade jewelry, you may have noticed that these days there are more ways than ever before to connect directly with artists who create one of a kind pieces that make the perfect statement. As a jewelry artist, I have had the fortune of meeting many other creative people who put love, intention, and expertise in to the jewelry they make just like I do. I am so pleased that handmade jewelry has become such a valuable and popular trend online lately, and I join other professionals in the opinion that one of a kind statement pieces are the next wave of fashion!

Wrist wraps, bracelets, and wrist jewelry offer an elegant, simple, and powerful way to add one of a kind handmade jewelry pieces to your collection without spending a lot of money. Many women are looking at ways to expand their personal jewelry wardrobe - but they are choosing to buy artisan made pieces instead of factory made replicas. This is a great way for you to become a real art collector while adding noteworthy pieces of your own personal jewelry collection.

Spring is a great time to start or add to your handmade jewelry collection because creative artists like myself tend to get a surge of energy at this time. We look forward to providing new styles, colors, and designs that compliment the changing weather, and we're excited to see people have some new wardrobe options as the weather warms up as well. This is a great time to find amazing artists and amazing pieces no matter what your personal style is.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - Lotus

Of all the ancient Eastern symbols,the lotus charm seems to evoke the most mystery, power, beauty, and inspiration in those who work with it. Most of us are naturally drawn to beautiful things in nature like flowers, but the lotus seems to be in a category all its own. From Egypt to India, China to Arabia, the lotus has blossomed as a spiritual charm and symbol that has comforted, uplifted, and guided people for countless thousands of years.

Like most of the charms and symbols I use, there is a mysterious and interesting aspect to this sacred flower - its meanings and secret interpretations are stunningly similar in all of the various places where it is used. Across time, distance, and cultural differences, the pure elegance and beauty of the lotus has delivered the same timeless message to us all - that we can rise above!
Due to the delicacy and profound beauty of the lotus, you may be surprised to learn that it actually tends to grow in swamps, marshes, and even in dirty and muddy waters. The lotus rises up above the muck and blossoms in its full color only when it has conquered the surface of the water. For this reason, it has always been held as a symbol for rising up above one's problems and reaching one's true potential by becoming more than the people, ideas, and things that may try to knock us down.

The lotus sprouts in the dark and muddy base of the pond only to strive for the warm light, cool breeze, and authentic being that it attains when it passes the surface of the water. The lotus reminds us at every step of our journey that we have the power to reach further, grow stronger, aim higher, and blossom to be the unique and powerful person we truly are - no matter what circumstances may be happening in us or around us!

If you would like to bring the power of the ancient lotus in to your life - or if you know someone who could use a little 'miracle grow' for the soul, there is no better way to harness it than through one of my handmade lotus charm wrap bracelets. I combine the healing power of color, gemstones, and sacred symbols to help surround you and your loved ones in a moving meditation of greatness so that you can grow, blossom, and shine!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols on the planet. Just about every culture across the world - and across time - has viewed the tree as a symbol for life, regeneration, healing, transformation, and growth. The symbol of the tree tends to evoke a sense of protection, abundance, and strength when we see it. This is because a tree can protect us from the weather, provide us with fruits and nuts, and continues to create season after season.

We can find amazing examples of tree of life symbolism in ancient Kabbalah texts, across India, throughout Asia, in Celtic Europe, and in America's First Nations. The interesting thing about these global symbols is that even though they have slightly different meanings depending on the culture they appear in, there are some powerful similarities that show up in every instance.

Some of the most powerful energies, ideals, and aspirations that the Tree of Life charm offers include:

  • Protection : The tree shades us from the sun and provides a strong and stable place for us to take rest. For this reason, it has long been viewed as the perfect charm to give protection.
  • Abundance : The tree blooms and gives delicious fruits, nuts, and seeds every year. This makes it the perfect reminder about the infinite possibilities of abundance that surround us.
  • Gratitude : The tree gives and gives, even when we forget to thank it. Tree charms have long been used to remind people to take time for gratitude which opens the door to more great things in life!
  • Journey : The tree goes from root to fruit, and it reminds us that all things are a process. We are all here to grow and create, and the ever-growing tree reminds us that life is a journey - not a destination.
  • Spirituality : The tree stands firm on the earth just like we do - and it reaches up into the sky to receive limitless blessings form above. The beautiful branches of the tree remind us that we too can reach up and out to draw more energy, love, wisdom, and blessings into our lives at any moment.
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Including all of the powerful symbolism of the Tree Of Life Charm is easy when you wrap the energy around your wrist like armor and carry it out into your life! I have created many wrap bracelets that include the tree of life and other similar symbols to help you benefit from the secret and special meanings of this ancient symbol right here, right now in your life!

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