Monday, December 13, 2010

Target Your Customers Using Facebook Insights

You know that little box on the left of your fanpage, below your information and above your friends, that says 'Insights'? And underneath it shows you information like your monthly active users, daily new likes, and more?

If you just nodded (and if you didn't, still read on) I have another question - Have you ever clicked 'See All'? If not, it is well worth taking a look at. The information Facebook gives you here can be invaluable.

Facebook breaks the data into two sections: Users and Interactions, on the left side of the page.

The User data includes Daily Likes and (ugh) Unlikes. Further down are demographics based on gender, age, country, city, and language. You can use this information to strategically create posts that appeal to your largest markets. See what I meant about invaluable?

The Interactions page shows you Daily Story Feedback which includes Daily comments, Daily Likes, and (ugh, again) Daily Unsubscribes.  It also lists your most current posts with the number of impressions and percentage of feedback.

Most of us interact on Facebook several times a week, daily, or even more frequently. This information truly gives us insight into those interactions and can truly impact how we communicate with those that are most interested in what we have to say. Have a look, do you know your target customers or does what you see surprise you?
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