Friday, December 14, 2012

The Power Of Asking For Help

During the holiday season, many of us become accustomed to offering help, charity, and service to others. This is a time when we find oursevles in the spirit of sharing - and the pwoer seems to be far reaching! One thing that often gets overlooked in the process fo seasonal charity, however, is the reverse of giving - asking. Many people find themselves busy, exhausted, and burnt out at a time when we should all be experiencing a quite festive and joyful mood!
Asking for help is an important way to manage stress and drama at this time of year. Many people feel that they have to go above and beyond to please others without taking time to ensure they are in good health. People can overestend themselves and take on more than they can handle - especially as holiday festivities and duties come around.
If you're one of the many people who tends to take on the roles of many to please the few, this is the perfect time of year to find the courage and clarity to ask for help and explore new ways of getting things done.
Here are a few things to consider when asking for help...
  • Many people love being aksed to help. When you ask someone for help, you are telling them that they are valued and that they have what it takes to get the job done right.
  • Asking for help is a great way to share with others and to ensure that everyone gets a chance to put their own energy into the events of the year.
  • Asking for help clears stress as it lets you know for sure that other people are on your side.
Asking for help is a strong, communicative, and empowering action... and it's one that can have far reaching positive effects!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where To Find One Of A Kind Gifts This Holiday Season

As we approach the gift giving holidays, it can be hard to find the perfect meaningful gifts for the people on your list without a whole lot of hassle and run around. The good news is that now more than ever before there are some pretty amazing places where you can get one-of-a-kind gifts to match the unique personalities of everyone you'd like to buy for. Even better is the fact that you can do all of this while supporting small businesses, local businesses, artisans, and handmade crafters all at the same time!
Here is a list of some amazing places online, (besides HERE) that may just help you find the perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season...
The amazing Makeably site connects buyers with makers for a truly customized experience. You can work directly with all kinds of artisans to have something made just the way you want it... the perfect size, the right colors, or the materials you know your loved one likes most. 
Etsy allows you to find one-of-a-kind and handmade artisan goods from people all across the world. Instead of going to a big box store, try finding handmade alternatives on Etsy this year!
Craft Fairs & Art Shows
Check your local newspapers and magazines to find out about craft fairs and art shows happening in your area. These are amazing venues to find some one-of-a-kind pieces that will 'wow' everyone on your gift list this year!
Local Businesses
When you support local businesses, you are putting your money back into your communities market which is a win-win for everyone!
Handmade DIY
If you have a crafty passion, why not make gifts by hand this year? From heirloom ornaments to jewelry pieces, you may be surprised at how much you can do with just a few materials!
Every one of our pieces is handmade. You can even customize your bracelet by contacting me.

Make 2012 the year when you support handmade, artisan, and local businesses - and show the people on your gift list just how one-of-a-kind they really are!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Sale!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Creating A Book Of Gratitude, Inspiration, and Joy

As we go through life, it's easy to forget the small blessings and overlook those moments of time when things just seem to 'make sense' for a moment. For this reason, people from across the span of time have kept journals and books to jot down important things - both to remember them and to be able to turn back to them when times are tough. I love the idea of keeping a personal book, and I find that it starts to take on such a powerfully positive energy after a few months of use that it becomes a truly sacred part of a person's life.
You can use your book to jot down just about anything, but it should all be positive. Some ideas include...
  • Things you are grateful for
  • Blessings, miracles, and special life events
  • Steps you take that lead to good things happening in your life
  • Quotes or verses that inspire you
  • Things people say that empower you
  • Notes about books or movies that helped change your life for the good
  • Ideas and inspirations you have
  • Goals and dreams
  • Memories that make you smile
Your book is like a little journal of all the happy things in life, and it helps you remember the positive and keep it alive. When we take time to write things down, our minds recognize how important they are and tend to put them in a higher priority area in our memory. Many people find that the minute they write something down, they have it memorized.
Spending a few minutes at the end of each day adding things to your book is a great way to 'lock in' the positive and create waves of gratitude and good vibes for the next day.
When a bad day comes, you'll have a secret weapon! You can open up your book to a random page or a special section and remember just how good things can be. You can find inspiration, laughter, and memories that can change everything in an instant!
Your book is like a mirror of light for your life. You can feed it by adding positive things to it each day, and who knows - someday you may be able to pass it on!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Empowering Words, Beautiful Wrap

In celebration of the season of gratitude, I've created a new line of silk wrap bracelets that feature empowering words on metal connectors so that you can combine beauty, positive energy, and inspiration in your look - anytime you like!
These wrap bracelets are made from the same hand-painted silk that my other pieces are made from, and the individual connectors are made from high quality silver metal with the word stamped right into it.
I've combined a variety of words with a full array of bracelet colors to ensure that you and the people on your gift list will be able to find the perfect piece to bring gratitude, joy, and peace.
The full selection includes several words paired with a combination of silk colored wrap ribbons. These one of a kind jewelry pieces make excellent gifts for the holiday season - for your loved ones or for yourself!
Click the link below to see the full line of word connector wrap bracelets and other wrap bracelets available now...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Time To Share

As we approach the holiday season, it's a great time to consider simple ways that you and your family can share with the community and help change lives. This is the most important time of year to give because the weather changes, many seasonal jobs come to an end, and many families find it hard to get by. I'd like to share some simple ways that you can make a huge difference in your community and in the world this year - choose one that feels right for you and commit to making it happen within the month of November!
Give Old Clothing A Second Life
As you bring out your own cold weather clothing and purchase new pieces, this is a great time to give what you no longer need to those who can really use it. Coats, jackets, sweaters, shoes, and even blankets make excellent donations to community centers and shelters to ensure that nobody has to be cold this winter.
Time & Energy
If you have extra time, give it in service to the world! Donating your time and energy at local community centers, shelters, or other charitable organizations is a great way to create positive change in your life and in the lives of countless others.
At this time of year more than ever, good food is needed in shelters and food banks. Tackle a pre-winter cleaning project in your home and give away whatever you can. This is also a great time to take advantage of sales at local stores so that you can donate even more usable goods directly to the people who need them most while supporting small businesses at the same time.
As you can see, there are many ways to get involved and you can easily find something that works with your abilities. Choose to be part of the solution this year and you will find that it changes everything in countless positive ways!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Powerful Ways To Make Positive Change This Fall Season

Did you know that throughout the world fall is considered a wonderful and sacred time to make positive changes in your life? Many people feel that fall is a time or rest and repose, but actually there are many ways to let go of the old and create room for the new!
In nature, fall is the time when plants fade away so that roots can rest and seeds can store up energy to sprout next year. Our ancient ancestors may have taken wisdom from this time of year and done the same! We can choose at this time to let go of the things we nurture and hold onto if they are no longer good for us so that when we bloom again next year, we'll be better off!
Leaves falling from trees is a powerful symbol for the fall. As the leaves delicately drift to the earth to be turned into soil through the process of composting, we too can allow thoughts, feelings, and old patterns to fall away as well. This is the perfect time of year to follow the wisdom of the trees and 'let it all go!'.
Many leaves change color during the fall reminding us that this is indeed the season of change. The weather is changing, the path of the sun is changing, and the colors are also changing. At this time of year we can draw strength from the natural world around us to make the changes in our lives we know are best for us - or to receive inspiration if we're not sure which way to go next!
As you watch the fall roll in, the colors change, and the air cool down this season, look at yourself and see what can be released with love and willingness to heal. We get to celebrate the Halloween festivities where we don on a mask and pretend to be someone we aren't - and it just might be that while we're out playing, the real us heals itself!
Happy Fall 2012!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun Halloween Facts

I love the harvest season, and Halloween is such a fun holiday! Every year I look forward to seeing the children get excited about the festivities, and I love the decorations! The weather cools down, the leaves change, new foods appear in the market, and I couldn't be happier!
In celebration of the spooky season, I thought it would be fun to share a few Halloween facts with you that you may not know...
* In Europe, pumpkins are not what's carved! Potatoes, beets, and turnips signal the season and in some traditions are carved to provide a safe place for wandering spirits to reside during the festivities.
* Halloween is known as 'Samhain' (pronounced Sow-In) in many parts of Europe. It's an ancient festival time celebrating those who have passed on and the mysteries of life.
* In America, Halloween is third in line after the Super Bowl and New Year's Eve for parties.
* Over 85% Of American households add some form of decoration to their homes.
* More than half of the Halloween costumes sold in the USA are for adults.
* In many spiritual traditions, it is believed that the invisible 'veil' that separates our realm from the next is very thin. For this reason, ancestors, spirits, and other beings are more able to cross over and interact with us. Halloween in America coincides with Samhain in Europe and Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico.
* The traditional Halloween colors of orange and black represent the harvest and the mystery of the season. When a plant is harvested, its seeds will create the next crop. For this reason, our ancient ancestors saw a connection between the final harvest season and the passing of a soul from this world to the next.
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Featured : Beaded Bangles

As the year winds down, some amazing new looks and styles are emerging to help you add inspiration, positive energy, and empowerment to your personal look! I've just added some hip new bangle style bracelets to the store and would love to introduce you to them all!
Beaded bangles combine the boho chic look of beads with the ever-trendy Bollywood bangle style. The colors, patterns, and charms make these bracelets easy to wear with any look while making sure to get attention at every turn.
Here are a few of my favorite beaded bangles from the current Charmed Designs collection... Enjoy!
Click the images to see each piece up close!
The beaded bangle set shown above featured three pieces spotlighting the evil eye protection charm, Buddha, and Om charm. These bangles sit together on your wrist perfectly and create an instant textured look with movement and interest. The combination of sacred symbols ensures that you'll remember to stay positive, think big, and manifest amazing things in your life!
Classic and mysterious black beads accent this 3 piece set of beaded bangles featuring a glass evil eye protection charm, Om symbol, and peace sign. This beaded bangle set will add a classy and refined look to your personal style while throwing in spiritual energy and some boho playfulness for good measure!

One of my personal favorites in the new beaded bangles collection is the sky blue set of three with evil eye charm, elephant, and Om symbol. The light colors and meaningful symbols make this the perfect addition to your look as the season change to keep the positive and joyful energies flowing!
Last but not least, this colorful set of 3 beaded bangles combines the evil eye protection charm, peace dove, and peace sign to add joy, peace, and spirit to your journey!

I hope you love the beaded bangles as much as I do... and I look forward to sharing even more styles with you in the coming months!
Check out all of my designs at:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Buy Handmade!

The holiday season is coming up fast, and many people are getting a jump start on holiday and 'just for fun' gifts for the people in their lives. Before the lines get too long, I wanted to share a few ideas with you about why supporting artisans, small businesses, and handmade products is such a great choice for you, the person you're buying for, your community, and the world!
Here are my top 5 reasons for choosing to buy handmade and support small business this year and every year...
  1. Working directly with the artisan or business that creates the things you buy is an amazing experience. You'll find that customer service, quality, and craftsmanship all go up without breaking the bank. Having even a small connection with the people that make the things you buy is a truly amazing experience!
  2. Supporting small business and artisans directly is a great way for you to put your hard earned cash directly into the hands of the people that make a difference every day. Instead of paying 3 levels of middle-men, support an artist directly to show them that you appreciate the work they do and value the contribution they make to the world.
  3. Handmade and one of a kind gifts are sure to please. When you gift someone a handmade item, you're telling them that they deserve high quality one of a kind pieces because they are one of a kind, too! A handmade gift comes with all of the love, attention, and craftsmanship that the artisan put into it alongside the beauty of the product.
  4. Buying handmade will expose you to products and ideas that you may never see in big box or chain stores. Instead of letting other people select what you see, go handmade and search out the unique and amazing items you love best for yourself!
  5. Supporting handmade tells the world that you believe each person has a talent, a gift, and passion - and that you support them sharing it. When we go handmade, we make sure that artisans get to be the best they can be!
This year, check out handmade alternatives or one of a kind options for the gifts you buy. You'll be thrilled at what you'll find! 
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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Charmed Fall

Fall is nearly here, and it's a great time to add new style, energy, and charm to your personal look! I love this time of year because the colors around us and on us take a turn for the natural. Earth tones and rich royal hues take center stage to help us work with the strong and vibrant colors of nature throughout the whole season.
I've created several new pieces that will be the perfect gift to yourself - or for someone you love - this Fall 2012. Each of these pieces carries its own meaning, symbolism, and special materials, so have fun exploring! You can click on the individual images of each item to see them up close and to learn more about them or check them all out at:
The mocha silk wrap bracelet shown above features a smoky quartz briolette with peace sign and tree of life charms in silver plated pewter. The hand painted colors in the silk ribbon are perfect for Fall, and the tree of life charm reminds us that all things growing must change. Peace is the way of this season, and the elegant peace sign reminds us to celebrate it!
This hand dyed silk wrap bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate the special fall colors that are about to make an appearance! An African jade briolette and gold plated Om and peace symbols tie it all together. The positive, grounded energy of this wrap bracelet makes it the perfect gift for the holiday seasons for others - or for you!
This sweet bracelet made from Japanese chirimen cord and featuring a lucky elephant and fresh water pearl is the perfect look this Fall. The colors are reminiscent of the ideal Japanese autumn, and they remind me of red maple, oak, and evergreen. The lucky elephant in gold and the pearl add much needed light color as the days shorten. Stay happy and lucky with this bracelet!
Finally, this hand painted silk wrap bracelet with black onyx and copper plated charms offers the quintessential colors and energies of Fall. A time for change and personal reflection, the sacred Aum/Om symbols remind us to turn within and see the colors and changes happening inside our own being. The black onyx is a stone of great mystery reminding us that even when things appear to be getting darker, there is much wisdom and energy to be found.

Wishing you an abundant, healthy, and joyful Fall season!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Freshwater Pearl Wrap Bracelet Charms - Secrets From The Deep

One of my favorite elements to use when building charms for handmade wrap bracelets is the freshwater pearl. I simply can't get enough of the shimmer, light, and delicacy of these amazing gifts of the ocean, and I love how they bring out the rich colors found in the silks I use. Pearls have always held a captivating place in my heart, and I am thrilled to get to work with them as an artist and a jewelry maker. I think that most women love the look and style of pearls, but did you know that they have a rich history, lots of secret meanings, and all kinds of spiritual uses?

In India, the freshwater pearl represents the Moon, known as 'Chandra'. The Moon is a symbol for the mind, the intuition, and the intellect - and the pearl is believed to purify and strengthen these things within the individual who wears it. Before a pearl is worn by a believer in India, a priest first purifies the piece and performs an elaborate ceremony to bless it and charge it with the energy of the Moon. Several times each year, the pendant or ring where the pearl is mounted may be used in various personal prayers and rituals to further its power. In my studio, I also put lots of intention, positive energy, and love into each freshwater pearl charm I create to ensure that you always get lots of great blessings when you wrap up with one!

Pearls are not easy to find. Making pearl charm bracelets begins with experts exploring the mysteries of the sea to find the perfect pearl-making oysters. One of the reasons that the freshwater pearl has been a symbol for the astrological sign of Cancer (and all June birthdays, as well) is that Cancer is a water sign and is connected to the mysteries of the deep oceans. When wearing a pearl, you are reminding yourself that sometimes the greatest universal mysteries aren't 'out there', but are actually right here on Earth - and often times within you as an individual!

Because freshwater pearls come from the ocean, they are associated with the Moon in many cultures across the globe - not just in India. The Moon greatly influences the ocean, creates tides, effects waves, and has an interesting connection with water itself. For this reason, the moon, the ocean, and pearls have always been connected. Wearing a pearl charm bracelet can bring the intuition, calm, emotionally balancing, and expansive awareness qualities that are traditionally associated with the Moon and the ocean at the same time!

Whether you have a June birthday, an intuitive mind, a love of the ocean, a fascination with the moon, or just an appreciation for the depth of beauty that the freshwater pearl charm has - you'll love what happens to a pearl charm when it shines on one of my handmade silk wrap bracelets. Click here to view my full selection of silk wrap bracelets, and see why pearl charms are such a popular choice!

Are you a pearl lover? Do you have any pearl jewelry that ranks among your favorites? Share your story in the comments section below!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buddha - A Symbol Of Serenity, Wisdom, And Compassion

One of my favorite symbols to work with when creating my handmade wraps is the image of the Buddha. I love his serene face, his gentle eyes, and the peaceful and compassionate energy that exudes from the images of him created all across the world. I love selecting different forms and artistic styles of the Buddha to use in my work to show just how universal his messages really are.

"Peace comes from within, do not seek it without"

Wearing a Buddha charm wrap is a great way to remind yourself that we create the world we live in by the things we think, and that we have the capacity to generate miracles in the world around us by taking the right action. By understanding and practicing the wisdom of Buddha, we can all cultivate a more peaceful and compassionate life for both ourselves and the entire world around us.

"It is man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways"

When looking at images of the Buddha on a charm wrap bracelet or anywhere else, it's important to try to see a little bit of yourself in him, or a little bit of him within you. The Buddha taught that we all have the ability to become Buddha - the become enlightened. His image is a reminder of that which we work towards, so we should try to be inspired and elevated every time we see his image.

"Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, man cannot live without a spiritual life"

One of the greatest reasons why I use the image of Buddha in my handmade silk wrap bracelets is that I want to have a constant reminder 'at hand' that I can be better, think better, act better, and choose to live in a world that is better at every step.

"The mind is everything. What you think you become"

Make sure to visit me on Facebook for a chance to win the Buddha Wrap Bracelet pictured above! Contest ends June 2, 2012, so hurry over! Click HERE to visit my Facebook page now.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - The Evil Eye!

I don't know about you, but when I hear about evil eye charms, all kinds of fun images come into my mind of mystery, protection, and magic. I have always been fascinated by these powerful little pieces of art - partly because I love the way they stare back when I look at them! The evil eye charm has a long history of use across the world, and many cultures have relied on it in one form or another in folk magic, superstition, spiritual practice, or creating positive space.

In the Middle East, it has been believed for ages that if a person looks at you with jealousy, anger, or hatred, they can influence your good luck in a negative way. There are even some translations of the Holy Bible that speak of the evil eye making people in the Middle East even more aware of protecting themselves from it.

Throughout the Hebrew and Islamic worlds, the evil eye is believed to be caused by strong minded individuals who glare upon another while thinking negative thoughts. In the modern day, this is usually interpreted as being a situation when someone stares at you with jealousy or anger in their hearts. For this reason, the Eastern evil eye charm is a popular, and really neat looking way, to protect ones self from any harmful effects of other people's state of mind.

Evil eye charms can also be found as far away as India, Greece, Ethiopia, Sicily, Latin America, Mexico, and The United States of America. In each of these cultures, various methods for dealing with the evil eye have been created, and in most cases the treatment is preventative in nature. For example, if a person found success and started becoming more wealthy, popular, or advanced in their lives, they may take measures to protect themselves from other people's negative, angry, or jealous thoughts by wearing an evil eye charm bracelet.

In Ethiopia, women are very careful when admiring a family member or a new born baby as to not give the evil eye inadvertently to their loved ones. In Greece there are tests performed with oil to see if the evil eye has been cast, and special ancient prayers that are said as a charm against the evil eye if it is present. Across Latin America and Mexico, women and children are believed to be most vulnerable to the effects of the evil eye, so an evil eye charm and special prayers for personal protection are often part of their daily rituals.

In today's world, we may not be quite as superstitious or attuned to these quiet energies as we used to be, but that doesn't mean they aren't still around! Having an evil eye charm in your life helps remind you that what other people think about you cannot influence your success unless you choose to let it in! You are in complete control of what kind of people, beliefs, thoughts, and energies you allow into your life, and the evil eye charm reminds us to always keep an eye open to the quieter influences that may surround us at ever step. I have used the evil eye charm wrap bracelet with great success and comfort, and have also combined it with the Hand Of God Hamsa charm and other meaningful charms of protection as well to really increase its meaning and power in my life. View them all here.

Here's to your success, growth, and joy - without ever letting anyone or anything stand in your way!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Is A One Of A Kind Celebration

Have you ever stopped to think about where Mother's Day came from, who started this celebration of motherhood, and what the roots of this special celebration really are? I did some research this week and was amazed at the long and rich history of this special day - and how many forms it takes across the world! Most every country and culture on the planet has some special day set aside in honor of Mom, and each of them do it just a little bit differently. Here in America, we get to enjoy the nurturing of Mother Nature as the seasons change while we remember the nurturing qualities of our own Mother's as well.

In 1870,. Julia Ward Howe, a social activist and poet, made a Mother's Day Declaration - but it simply wouldn't stick. It took until 1908 when Anna Jarvis fought hard, made some great marketing moves, and finally convinced President Woodrow Wilson declared it an official holiday in 1914.

Mother's Day also has some ancient roots. The ancient Greek cult of Cybele may have been one of the first recognized dates of celebration for Mother's, and the traditional Christian holiday of Mothering Sunday also honors the earthy Mother's who love and care for us every day.

This Mother's day, there's no better way to spoil your mom and let her know that she's one of a kind than with handmade jewelry that's packed with love, meaning, and beauty.

This year I decided to do something special for all of the wonderful Mother's out there - I created a beautiful hand painted silk wrap bracelet with a sterling silver charm that reads 'mom'. To add something really special, blue, amethyst, and purple genuine Swarovski crystals have been added for color, shine, and depth.

My goal with this special Mother's Day 2012 gift idea was to allow you to select something truly unique for your mom that will really get your message across! I absolutely love this time of year, the changing weather, and the special opportunity to thank and celebrate all the Mother's in our lives! See the 2012 Mother's Day Gift Wrap Bracelet here!

From now until Mother's Day, use the code 'LOVEMOM' at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase price! Shop here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Have A Hand Made Mother's Day 2012!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and people all over are looking for meaningful and special ways to celebrate mom. Traditional gifts for Mother's Day include flowers, jewelry, and of course a great meal - with handmade one of a kind items on the rise each year as a preferred Mother's Day gift. This year I was honored to be able to send my brand new 'mom' silk wrap bracelet to a list of celebrity mother's to be, and I decided to make sure that your superstar mom can have the same one of a kind piece! Expectant mother's who will be gifted my mom charm bracelet include...

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Molly Simms

Neve Campbell
Alyson Hannigan
Kourtney Kardashian
Nick Lachey
Tony Romo
Reese Witherspooon
Elizabeth Berkley
How exciting!

If you're looking for the perfect handmade mother;s day gift that will make mom look and feel like a celebrity, I'm excited to introduce you to my special 'celebrity mom' silk wrap bracelet!
This charm is made using a hand painted silk wrap ribbon and top quality elements to bring light, gratitude, and love to any mom who wears it. I've combined a special 'mom' charm in sterling silver with the power symbolism of the tree of life charm to show mom just how special she is. Blue, amethyst, and purple genuine Swarovski crystals dangle with the charms to complete the look and bring it all together.

If you are looking for a great way to make your mom feel like a celebrity, add her to the list above by giving her a hand made mother's day charm wrap bracelet this year! Use code;LOVEMOM for 20% off!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - Hamsa Hand Of Protection

One of the most popular charms I use in my wrap bracelet designs is the 'Hamsa Hand'. This simple yet powerful symbol has roots all across the Middle East, and its symbolism is rich with meaning, power, and memory.
One of the most ancient forms of the Hamsa Hand, called 'Khamsa' for 'five' in Arabic, is its presence in North Africa and Tunisia. In this area, the palm of the right hand symbolizes protection from on High, and it is worn and drawn to invoke protection wherever it is needed most. From jewelry and wall hangings to tattoos and drawings, the Khamsa Hand charm is embraced by peoples across the North African area as a reassurance that things will always remain under the hand of the Divine.

Throughout the Islamic and Hebrew world, this same symbol is known as either the Hand Of Miriam (sister of Moses) or the Hand Of Fatima (daughter of Muhammed). In that area, it is worn as a symbol of protection, guidance, and providence. Once of the most beautiful aspects to the Hamsa Hand symbol is that in a part of the world where cultures and ideas are clashing in sometimes hurtful ways, a single symbol quietly unites and exists between them.

Throughout all of the Middle East and parts of Africa, the Hamsa Hand is known for protecting against the 'evil eye'. The evil eye happens when another person sees your happiness, success, health, or wealth and sends negativity towards you in the form of jealousy or anger. The evil eye may seem like an archaic superstition - but is it really? Many people believe that when other people hold negative space and you allow it to effect you, it really can cause problems. I think that having a symbol around you that reminds you to rise above the judgment, negativity, and anger that may come from other people really works! The Hamsa Hand
Isn't it amazing how one simple symbol can unite an entire part of the world and speak so deeply about life? Just looking at the Hamsa charm reminds me that I am always protected and guided if I just remember to place myself in to the open hand that is always there for me. I also love the aspect of the Hamsa Hand that reminds me to rise above the 'evil eye' no matter what form it may take in life! I use the Hamsa Hand charm in many of my wrap bracelet designs because it is a great reminder and a beautiful piece of history and symbolism.
Wrap yourself up in the protection and power of the Hamsa Hand! Check out the many wrap bracelet designs I have available right now!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Handmade Jewelry Trend

If you're a lover of handmade jewelry, you may have noticed that these days there are more ways than ever before to connect directly with artists who create one of a kind pieces that make the perfect statement. As a jewelry artist, I have had the fortune of meeting many other creative people who put love, intention, and expertise in to the jewelry they make just like I do. I am so pleased that handmade jewelry has become such a valuable and popular trend online lately, and I join other professionals in the opinion that one of a kind statement pieces are the next wave of fashion!

Wrist wraps, bracelets, and wrist jewelry offer an elegant, simple, and powerful way to add one of a kind handmade jewelry pieces to your collection without spending a lot of money. Many women are looking at ways to expand their personal jewelry wardrobe - but they are choosing to buy artisan made pieces instead of factory made replicas. This is a great way for you to become a real art collector while adding noteworthy pieces of your own personal jewelry collection.

Spring is a great time to start or add to your handmade jewelry collection because creative artists like myself tend to get a surge of energy at this time. We look forward to providing new styles, colors, and designs that compliment the changing weather, and we're excited to see people have some new wardrobe options as the weather warms up as well. This is a great time to find amazing artists and amazing pieces no matter what your personal style is.

If you want to add color, eye-catching design, meaningful charms, and powerful expression to your look while getting a one of a kind handmade jewelry piece at the same time, I invite to you to come visit my online store where some of the hottest wrap bracelet pieces are being offered right now. I am constantly adding to my inventory of pieces, and you are sure to love the elegant yet bold combinations of color, symbol, and style I create just for my customers.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - Lotus

Of all the ancient Eastern symbols,the lotus charm seems to evoke the most mystery, power, beauty, and inspiration in those who work with it. Most of us are naturally drawn to beautiful things in nature like flowers, but the lotus seems to be in a category all its own. From Egypt to India, China to Arabia, the lotus has blossomed as a spiritual charm and symbol that has comforted, uplifted, and guided people for countless thousands of years.

Like most of the charms and symbols I use, there is a mysterious and interesting aspect to this sacred flower - its meanings and secret interpretations are stunningly similar in all of the various places where it is used. Across time, distance, and cultural differences, the pure elegance and beauty of the lotus has delivered the same timeless message to us all - that we can rise above!
Due to the delicacy and profound beauty of the lotus, you may be surprised to learn that it actually tends to grow in swamps, marshes, and even in dirty and muddy waters. The lotus rises up above the muck and blossoms in its full color only when it has conquered the surface of the water. For this reason, it has always been held as a symbol for rising up above one's problems and reaching one's true potential by becoming more than the people, ideas, and things that may try to knock us down.

The lotus sprouts in the dark and muddy base of the pond only to strive for the warm light, cool breeze, and authentic being that it attains when it passes the surface of the water. The lotus reminds us at every step of our journey that we have the power to reach further, grow stronger, aim higher, and blossom to be the unique and powerful person we truly are - no matter what circumstances may be happening in us or around us!

If you would like to bring the power of the ancient lotus in to your life - or if you know someone who could use a little 'miracle grow' for the soul, there is no better way to harness it than through one of my handmade lotus charm wrap bracelets. I combine the healing power of color, gemstones, and sacred symbols to help surround you and your loved ones in a moving meditation of greatness so that you can grow, blossom, and shine!

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