Monday, January 28, 2013

Letting Go Of Stress

Stress seems to find its way into our lives in a variety of ways. Many people don;t know that stress can be good in that it inspires us to make change and look for new options - but when stress gets out of control, it can be a real problem. Too much stress and strain can cause issues with health, abundance, and relationships all while detracting from what we are able to experience each day in our lives. The good news is that just as much as our bodies and minds are able to respond to stress, they are also able to help us relieve stress and return to a state of relaxed balance. Today I'd like to share some of my favorite stress-relieving practices with you and share some resources with you as well.
Instant Stress Relief
No matter where you are or what your stress is about, there's one thing that experts agree will help relieve stress quicker than anything else - breathing. When we get stressed, we tend to breathe shallowly with our chests and shoulders. This reinforces the stress and only causes more since shallow breathing usually only happens when we are in 'fight or flight' mode. Learning to control the breath and switch to deep, slow, belly breathing can actually stop stressful thoughts, calm the body, relax the nervous system, and generate a deep sense of well-being.
The best way to belly breathe is to inhale slowly through the nose while focusing on the breath going all the way down to your feet. Hold for a moment, then exhale very slowly through pursed lips. In 3-5 breaths you should start to feel a warm, calm feeling pass over your body, mind, and emotions.
The Power Of Thought
What we think has an instant effect on what we feel. When stressed out, we are more likely to think in terms of 'what if', focusing on negative possibilities. When stress kicks in, sometimes all it takes to stop the worrisome thoughts right in their tracks and return the body to a state of peace is a few minutes of positive thinking. Letting yourself daydream about things that bring you joy, imagining good things, or creating positive spins on any frustrating things that may be happening in your life right now. It's amazing just how much a few positive thoughts can spill over and create a positive day!
Relaxation & Meditation
If you have computer speakers, an MP3 player, or a smart phone, you can take powerful relaxation and meditation sessions with you anywhere you go! You can listen while you lay in bed at night, or even take breaks throughout the day to go on a relaxing journey. Below are links to some totally free downloadable audio sessions that you're sure to love...

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