Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - Hamsa Hand Of Protection

One of the most popular charms I use in my wrap bracelet designs is the 'Hamsa Hand'. This simple yet powerful symbol has roots all across the Middle East, and its symbolism is rich with meaning, power, and memory.
One of the most ancient forms of the Hamsa Hand, called 'Khamsa' for 'five' in Arabic, is its presence in North Africa and Tunisia. In this area, the palm of the right hand symbolizes protection from on High, and it is worn and drawn to invoke protection wherever it is needed most. From jewelry and wall hangings to tattoos and drawings, the Khamsa Hand charm is embraced by peoples across the North African area as a reassurance that things will always remain under the hand of the Divine.

Throughout the Islamic and Hebrew world, this same symbol is known as either the Hand Of Miriam (sister of Moses) or the Hand Of Fatima (daughter of Muhammed). In that area, it is worn as a symbol of protection, guidance, and providence. Once of the most beautiful aspects to the Hamsa Hand symbol is that in a part of the world where cultures and ideas are clashing in sometimes hurtful ways, a single symbol quietly unites and exists between them.

Throughout all of the Middle East and parts of Africa, the Hamsa Hand is known for protecting against the 'evil eye'. The evil eye happens when another person sees your happiness, success, health, or wealth and sends negativity towards you in the form of jealousy or anger. The evil eye may seem like an archaic superstition - but is it really? Many people believe that when other people hold negative space and you allow it to effect you, it really can cause problems. I think that having a symbol around you that reminds you to rise above the judgment, negativity, and anger that may come from other people really works! The Hamsa Hand
Isn't it amazing how one simple symbol can unite an entire part of the world and speak so deeply about life? Just looking at the Hamsa charm reminds me that I am always protected and guided if I just remember to place myself in to the open hand that is always there for me. I also love the aspect of the Hamsa Hand that reminds me to rise above the 'evil eye' no matter what form it may take in life! I use the Hamsa Hand charm in many of my wrap bracelet designs because it is a great reminder and a beautiful piece of history and symbolism.
Wrap yourself up in the protection and power of the Hamsa Hand! Check out the many wrap bracelet designs I have available right now!


SuziesImaginarium said...

I loved reading about your charms! So interesting..thank you for sharing!

Stephanie Hutchins said...

Your charms are stunning! I really love the attention to detail that you provide.

Anonymous said...

Lovely creations! And this was so informative :) Thank you I loved this post

Hip Violet said...

That is so interesting! I have seen the hand symbol before, but never knew what it meant. Thanks for the "enlightenment"!


Fit Activewear said...

I absolutely love these bracelets! I think they are stylish and the fact that the charm has an spiritual meaning makes them irresistible to buy. My favorite part was: "Hamsa Hand reminds me to rise above the 'evil eye' no matter what form it may take in life!"

Chris said...

Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Marsha Anderson said...

I, too, love hamsas!

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