Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - Lotus

Of all the ancient Eastern symbols,the lotus charm seems to evoke the most mystery, power, beauty, and inspiration in those who work with it. Most of us are naturally drawn to beautiful things in nature like flowers, but the lotus seems to be in a category all its own. From Egypt to India, China to Arabia, the lotus has blossomed as a spiritual charm and symbol that has comforted, uplifted, and guided people for countless thousands of years.

Like most of the charms and symbols I use, there is a mysterious and interesting aspect to this sacred flower - its meanings and secret interpretations are stunningly similar in all of the various places where it is used. Across time, distance, and cultural differences, the pure elegance and beauty of the lotus has delivered the same timeless message to us all - that we can rise above!
Due to the delicacy and profound beauty of the lotus, you may be surprised to learn that it actually tends to grow in swamps, marshes, and even in dirty and muddy waters. The lotus rises up above the muck and blossoms in its full color only when it has conquered the surface of the water. For this reason, it has always been held as a symbol for rising up above one's problems and reaching one's true potential by becoming more than the people, ideas, and things that may try to knock us down.

The lotus sprouts in the dark and muddy base of the pond only to strive for the warm light, cool breeze, and authentic being that it attains when it passes the surface of the water. The lotus reminds us at every step of our journey that we have the power to reach further, grow stronger, aim higher, and blossom to be the unique and powerful person we truly are - no matter what circumstances may be happening in us or around us!

If you would like to bring the power of the ancient lotus in to your life - or if you know someone who could use a little 'miracle grow' for the soul, there is no better way to harness it than through one of my handmade lotus charm wrap bracelets. I combine the healing power of color, gemstones, and sacred symbols to help surround you and your loved ones in a moving meditation of greatness so that you can grow, blossom, and shine!

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dgodom said...

My bracelet doesn't have a lotus charm, but I love it still.

Sankha samajpati said...

It is a wonderful blog. It helps me out a lot. Thank you. I really need help in development and blogs like yours are very helpful.

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