Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Freshwater Pearl Wrap Bracelet Charms - Secrets From The Deep

One of my favorite elements to use when building charms for handmade wrap bracelets is the freshwater pearl. I simply can't get enough of the shimmer, light, and delicacy of these amazing gifts of the ocean, and I love how they bring out the rich colors found in the silks I use. Pearls have always held a captivating place in my heart, and I am thrilled to get to work with them as an artist and a jewelry maker. I think that most women love the look and style of pearls, but did you know that they have a rich history, lots of secret meanings, and all kinds of spiritual uses?

In India, the freshwater pearl represents the Moon, known as 'Chandra'. The Moon is a symbol for the mind, the intuition, and the intellect - and the pearl is believed to purify and strengthen these things within the individual who wears it. Before a pearl is worn by a believer in India, a priest first purifies the piece and performs an elaborate ceremony to bless it and charge it with the energy of the Moon. Several times each year, the pendant or ring where the pearl is mounted may be used in various personal prayers and rituals to further its power. In my studio, I also put lots of intention, positive energy, and love into each freshwater pearl charm I create to ensure that you always get lots of great blessings when you wrap up with one!

Pearls are not easy to find. Making pearl charm bracelets begins with experts exploring the mysteries of the sea to find the perfect pearl-making oysters. One of the reasons that the freshwater pearl has been a symbol for the astrological sign of Cancer (and all June birthdays, as well) is that Cancer is a water sign and is connected to the mysteries of the deep oceans. When wearing a pearl, you are reminding yourself that sometimes the greatest universal mysteries aren't 'out there', but are actually right here on Earth - and often times within you as an individual!

Because freshwater pearls come from the ocean, they are associated with the Moon in many cultures across the globe - not just in India. The Moon greatly influences the ocean, creates tides, effects waves, and has an interesting connection with water itself. For this reason, the moon, the ocean, and pearls have always been connected. Wearing a pearl charm bracelet can bring the intuition, calm, emotionally balancing, and expansive awareness qualities that are traditionally associated with the Moon and the ocean at the same time!

Whether you have a June birthday, an intuitive mind, a love of the ocean, a fascination with the moon, or just an appreciation for the depth of beauty that the freshwater pearl charm has - you'll love what happens to a pearl charm when it shines on one of my handmade silk wrap bracelets. Click here to view my full selection of silk wrap bracelets, and see why pearl charms are such a popular choice!

Are you a pearl lover? Do you have any pearl jewelry that ranks among your favorites? Share your story in the comments section below!


Marsha Anderson said...

Very informative post. Makes me think of pearls differently. I never was a huge pearl lover but now that I know the significance, I just may become one!

Anonymous said...

Great info on pearls! So mystical :) and lovely design :)

Meeling said...

So interesting!! I do love pearls. I have a pair of pearl and diamond (not real :-( but looks pretty) earrings that I love!

ps...I'm hosting a Summer Jewelry swap on my blog right now - 1 more day to join the fun - pop by and take a look! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great info. I love pearls and my earrings and necklace are my favorite pieces of jewelry. Now that I know more about pearls, I wear them even more! I'm visiting via the etsy's interactive blog team and thought I'd stop by for a peek. Glad I did.

home decor store said...

Cheers from GemcoDesings and thanks for this fresh and timely info, I really enjoyed reading.
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ChatterBlossom said...

Super interesting and beautiful! I love freshwater pearls. Their colors seems warmer and look so pretty up next to the skin. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

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