Monday, October 1, 2012

A Charmed Fall

Fall is nearly here, and it's a great time to add new style, energy, and charm to your personal look! I love this time of year because the colors around us and on us take a turn for the natural. Earth tones and rich royal hues take center stage to help us work with the strong and vibrant colors of nature throughout the whole season.
I've created several new pieces that will be the perfect gift to yourself - or for someone you love - this Fall 2012. Each of these pieces carries its own meaning, symbolism, and special materials, so have fun exploring! You can click on the individual images of each item to see them up close and to learn more about them or check them all out at:
The mocha silk wrap bracelet shown above features a smoky quartz briolette with peace sign and tree of life charms in silver plated pewter. The hand painted colors in the silk ribbon are perfect for Fall, and the tree of life charm reminds us that all things growing must change. Peace is the way of this season, and the elegant peace sign reminds us to celebrate it!
This hand dyed silk wrap bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate the special fall colors that are about to make an appearance! An African jade briolette and gold plated Om and peace symbols tie it all together. The positive, grounded energy of this wrap bracelet makes it the perfect gift for the holiday seasons for others - or for you!
This sweet bracelet made from Japanese chirimen cord and featuring a lucky elephant and fresh water pearl is the perfect look this Fall. The colors are reminiscent of the ideal Japanese autumn, and they remind me of red maple, oak, and evergreen. The lucky elephant in gold and the pearl add much needed light color as the days shorten. Stay happy and lucky with this bracelet!
Finally, this hand painted silk wrap bracelet with black onyx and copper plated charms offers the quintessential colors and energies of Fall. A time for change and personal reflection, the sacred Aum/Om symbols remind us to turn within and see the colors and changes happening inside our own being. The black onyx is a stone of great mystery reminding us that even when things appear to be getting darker, there is much wisdom and energy to be found.

Wishing you an abundant, healthy, and joyful Fall season!

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