Friday, November 23, 2012

Creating A Book Of Gratitude, Inspiration, and Joy

As we go through life, it's easy to forget the small blessings and overlook those moments of time when things just seem to 'make sense' for a moment. For this reason, people from across the span of time have kept journals and books to jot down important things - both to remember them and to be able to turn back to them when times are tough. I love the idea of keeping a personal book, and I find that it starts to take on such a powerfully positive energy after a few months of use that it becomes a truly sacred part of a person's life.
You can use your book to jot down just about anything, but it should all be positive. Some ideas include...
  • Things you are grateful for
  • Blessings, miracles, and special life events
  • Steps you take that lead to good things happening in your life
  • Quotes or verses that inspire you
  • Things people say that empower you
  • Notes about books or movies that helped change your life for the good
  • Ideas and inspirations you have
  • Goals and dreams
  • Memories that make you smile
Your book is like a little journal of all the happy things in life, and it helps you remember the positive and keep it alive. When we take time to write things down, our minds recognize how important they are and tend to put them in a higher priority area in our memory. Many people find that the minute they write something down, they have it memorized.
Spending a few minutes at the end of each day adding things to your book is a great way to 'lock in' the positive and create waves of gratitude and good vibes for the next day.
When a bad day comes, you'll have a secret weapon! You can open up your book to a random page or a special section and remember just how good things can be. You can find inspiration, laughter, and memories that can change everything in an instant!
Your book is like a mirror of light for your life. You can feed it by adding positive things to it each day, and who knows - someday you may be able to pass it on!

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