Thursday, November 15, 2012

Empowering Words, Beautiful Wrap

In celebration of the season of gratitude, I've created a new line of silk wrap bracelets that feature empowering words on metal connectors so that you can combine beauty, positive energy, and inspiration in your look - anytime you like!
These wrap bracelets are made from the same hand-painted silk that my other pieces are made from, and the individual connectors are made from high quality silver metal with the word stamped right into it.
I've combined a variety of words with a full array of bracelet colors to ensure that you and the people on your gift list will be able to find the perfect piece to bring gratitude, joy, and peace.
The full selection includes several words paired with a combination of silk colored wrap ribbons. These one of a kind jewelry pieces make excellent gifts for the holiday season - for your loved ones or for yourself!
Click the link below to see the full line of word connector wrap bracelets and other wrap bracelets available now...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, saw ur button in one of my followers. Btw, loved your designs...and added ur button on `blogs i love".

follow me too..thanks!

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