Friday, February 15, 2013

Love is Everything!

Valentine's Day is upon us, and since this is the season of celebrating love, I thought it might be nice to explore some of the many functions and powers that love has in our lives.
Love is a force, a feeling, and a truth. It is accessible to everyone across the world no matter their race, gender, or creed. Love seems to go beyond any and all other emotions and feelings - and it makes it a point to set itself apart from all other sensations. Love has the power to heal, transform, and bless, and it comes so naturally to use that we rarely have any control over how or when it comes up.
How Love Heals
Love is a healing force because it opens our hearts and helps us receive the countless gifts and blessings that are always around us. In the modern world, many of us feel the need to wear armor or shut ourselves off from fully receiving and opening all the time - and in many cases we have good reasons for doing this. Love can heal the fears, hurts, traumas, and imbalances by reminding us that we are at home in this world and that we deserve the very best!
How Love Inspires
Love is often the driving force behind many artistic and creative pursuits, as well as positive changes. When we choose to love the life we live and love the unique person we are, it tends to open the flood-gates and remove all blockages that may be standing in our way. When the gates of wisdom and intuition are wide open, we tend to find the solutions to all problems in the most creative ways imaginable.
How Love Empowers
When we live in a state of love, we can make the most spiritual, abundance, and jot progress in the shortest amount of time. Love allows us to feel connected to the world and safe in it while also staying at the center of our own power.

As the season of love approaches, consider way that you can both give more love to yourself and give it openly to the world around you. Love is the most natural, simple, and effective way to create a positive change in the world and it can come in an endless variety of forms!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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