Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Handmade Charm Wrap Bracelets With A Message

Being mindful is one of the most powerful ways to improve your life. The more you think positive thoughts, remember things that have a positive influence on your life, and choose to follow the good things in life, the better your life will be! One of the most effective ways to keep the power of positive thought alive and well in your life is to wear symbolic jewelry that has a message. The handmade charm wrap bracelets I create each have a special message that keeps your spirits high and keeps the good energy coming in to your life!

Throughout time, people have relied on the symbolism and meaning in charm wrap bracelets to inspire, uplift, and empower. Just about every culture on the planet uses symbols and charms in one way or another, and in the modern world are are fortunate enough to have access to a world full of empowering sacred symbols.

Just a few of the most powerful charms I work with in the wrap bracelets I create include:
  • Om - the ancient Hindu symbol that represents the 'All That Is'
  • Peace - a modern symbol that reminds us to 'be the change we want to see in the world'
  • Tree Of Life - a symbol used in many cultures that reminds us we are all connected, and are all part of the same living earth
  • Buddha - a reminder to make sure that compassion, mindfulness, and serenity are part of our everyday lives
  • Spiral - an ancient symbol that resonates with the shape of our galaxy, and that creates the way that thoughts unfold to become things
  • Hamsa Hand / Hand Of Fatima - confers blessings of protection, peace, healing, and abundance
I also work with the power of colors, gemstones, and other symbols when I create my handmade charm wrap bracelets to ensure that each piece brings beauty and inspiration to every moment in your life. I like to think of these bracelets as a type of wearable meditation because they help add to the magic and beauty of our lives while at the same time keeping our minds focused on the positive path.

If you haven't taken time to browse the most popular charm wrap bracelets in my store, or the newest additions, now is a great time to see them for yourself! No matter what kind of message you want to bring into your life, I've got a wrap bracelet that will surround you with its good energy.

Check out my full wrap bracelet store HERE.

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Your creations are fabulous! Love them.

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