Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Handmade Wrap Bracelet Designs

One of the most popular styles being word by celebrities, trend setters, and every day fashion-forward individuals these days is handmade wrap bracelets. Because everyone wants unique ways to express their individuality tapping in to the latest styles at the same time, wrap bracelets provide an affordable and expressive way to cover both bases.

Some of the most popular styles of handmade wrap bracelet designs are those with charms - and those with a special meaning, significance, or inspirational reminder. Many people are moving away from traditional forms of  even spiritual jewelry design because they can find the same symbolism and meaningful appearance in trendy new wrap bracelet styles. From simple charms that invoke a sense of peace and serenity to powerful symbols that inspire growth, harmony, and bliss - you can find wraps that work with your unique personality and the universal symbols that bring so much energy and power to your life.

Sacred symbols, charms, and jewelry have always been an effective and beautiful way to keep a positive mind while adding beauty and style to any look. As time goes on, more and more charms are being designed that speak to the modern person while honoring age-old traditions and streams of wisdom and power. I have combined my stylish handmade wrap bracelets with these ancient symbols to merge the timeless with the modern, and the spiritual with the 'here and now'. People who have experienced my wraps have found that they not only add a trendy and fashion-forward look to their unique style, but also keep them thinking in a more positive and uplifting way. This means that wearing a wrap adds beauty to both the outside and the inside!

Some of the most popular handmade wrap bracelet designs I offer combine symbols, gemstones, and healing color combinations to really empower the person wearing them while making their overall look 'pop' with interest and unique style. Right now, some of the most popular designs include...

Red & Black Silk Ribbon Wrap With Protection Charms Including Hamsa, Tree Of Life, & Evil Eye Protection

Silk Ribbon Wrap With Spiral

Silk Ribbon Wrap With Good Luck Symbols Including 4-Leaf Clover, Horseshoe, Dice, and Amethyst Briolette

No matter who you are, what your style is, or what kinds of 'good vibes' you want to bring into your life, you'll find that there's a perfect handmade wrap bracelet design to make it happen. If you haven't visited my online store to see the full selection, click here to find out what all the rage is about!

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