Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Featured Wrap Bracelet Charm - Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols on the planet. Just about every culture across the world - and across time - has viewed the tree as a symbol for life, regeneration, healing, transformation, and growth. The symbol of the tree tends to evoke a sense of protection, abundance, and strength when we see it. This is because a tree can protect us from the weather, provide us with fruits and nuts, and continues to create season after season.

We can find amazing examples of tree of life symbolism in ancient Kabbalah texts, across India, throughout Asia, in Celtic Europe, and in America's First Nations. The interesting thing about these global symbols is that even though they have slightly different meanings depending on the culture they appear in, there are some powerful similarities that show up in every instance.

Some of the most powerful energies, ideals, and aspirations that the Tree of Life charm offers include:

  • Protection : The tree shades us from the sun and provides a strong and stable place for us to take rest. For this reason, it has long been viewed as the perfect charm to give protection.
  • Abundance : The tree blooms and gives delicious fruits, nuts, and seeds every year. This makes it the perfect reminder about the infinite possibilities of abundance that surround us.
  • Gratitude : The tree gives and gives, even when we forget to thank it. Tree charms have long been used to remind people to take time for gratitude which opens the door to more great things in life!
  • Journey : The tree goes from root to fruit, and it reminds us that all things are a process. We are all here to grow and create, and the ever-growing tree reminds us that life is a journey - not a destination.
  • Spirituality : The tree stands firm on the earth just like we do - and it reaches up into the sky to receive limitless blessings form above. The beautiful branches of the tree remind us that we too can reach up and out to draw more energy, love, wisdom, and blessings into our lives at any moment.
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Including all of the powerful symbolism of the Tree Of Life Charm is easy when you wrap the energy around your wrist like armor and carry it out into your life! I have created many wrap bracelets that include the tree of life and other similar symbols to help you benefit from the secret and special meanings of this ancient symbol right here, right now in your life!

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