Friday, October 5, 2012

Featured : Beaded Bangles

As the year winds down, some amazing new looks and styles are emerging to help you add inspiration, positive energy, and empowerment to your personal look! I've just added some hip new bangle style bracelets to the store and would love to introduce you to them all!
Beaded bangles combine the boho chic look of beads with the ever-trendy Bollywood bangle style. The colors, patterns, and charms make these bracelets easy to wear with any look while making sure to get attention at every turn.
Here are a few of my favorite beaded bangles from the current Charmed Designs collection... Enjoy!
Click the images to see each piece up close!
The beaded bangle set shown above featured three pieces spotlighting the evil eye protection charm, Buddha, and Om charm. These bangles sit together on your wrist perfectly and create an instant textured look with movement and interest. The combination of sacred symbols ensures that you'll remember to stay positive, think big, and manifest amazing things in your life!
Classic and mysterious black beads accent this 3 piece set of beaded bangles featuring a glass evil eye protection charm, Om symbol, and peace sign. This beaded bangle set will add a classy and refined look to your personal style while throwing in spiritual energy and some boho playfulness for good measure!

One of my personal favorites in the new beaded bangles collection is the sky blue set of three with evil eye charm, elephant, and Om symbol. The light colors and meaningful symbols make this the perfect addition to your look as the season change to keep the positive and joyful energies flowing!
Last but not least, this colorful set of 3 beaded bangles combines the evil eye protection charm, peace dove, and peace sign to add joy, peace, and spirit to your journey!

I hope you love the beaded bangles as much as I do... and I look forward to sharing even more styles with you in the coming months!
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Hena Tayeb said...

very pretty. I like the blue.

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