Friday, October 26, 2012

Powerful Ways To Make Positive Change This Fall Season

Did you know that throughout the world fall is considered a wonderful and sacred time to make positive changes in your life? Many people feel that fall is a time or rest and repose, but actually there are many ways to let go of the old and create room for the new!
In nature, fall is the time when plants fade away so that roots can rest and seeds can store up energy to sprout next year. Our ancient ancestors may have taken wisdom from this time of year and done the same! We can choose at this time to let go of the things we nurture and hold onto if they are no longer good for us so that when we bloom again next year, we'll be better off!
Leaves falling from trees is a powerful symbol for the fall. As the leaves delicately drift to the earth to be turned into soil through the process of composting, we too can allow thoughts, feelings, and old patterns to fall away as well. This is the perfect time of year to follow the wisdom of the trees and 'let it all go!'.
Many leaves change color during the fall reminding us that this is indeed the season of change. The weather is changing, the path of the sun is changing, and the colors are also changing. At this time of year we can draw strength from the natural world around us to make the changes in our lives we know are best for us - or to receive inspiration if we're not sure which way to go next!
As you watch the fall roll in, the colors change, and the air cool down this season, look at yourself and see what can be released with love and willingness to heal. We get to celebrate the Halloween festivities where we don on a mask and pretend to be someone we aren't - and it just might be that while we're out playing, the real us heals itself!
Happy Fall 2012!

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